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Sore Loser Trump: ‘Cruz Didn’t Win Iowa, He Stole It’

REUTERS/Chris Keane

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I couldn’t have been more wrong about Trump’s post-Iowa strategy. Whew!

After he gave that gracious concession speech, I figured he was playing rope-a-dope. But no. He’s not covering up and letting Cruz exhaust himself attacking. Probably because Trump realized the frontrunner doesn’t need to attack the loser who’s in second place. Winners don’t punch down.

So now we can look forward to this sort of thing from Trump until New Hampshire:

You tell ’em, Mr. Trump.

Will this help him in New Hampshire? I don’t know, and neither do you, and neither does anybody else. The important thing is that we’re all talking about him. It doesn’t matter if the attention is good or bad, as long as it doesn’t go away.

Because when it goes away, he’s nothing. All his money is useless unless he can see and hear his own name wherever he goes. The rest of the world is just there to talk about Trump.

Hey, wait…

Damn it.

Update: What a crybaby. He went after Cruz with everything he had and he lost anyway. Pathetic!

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