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Wait… Did Bernie Actually Win Iowa?

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In a sense, Bernie Sanders was already the winner in Iowa, because in the space of 12 months he utterly demolished Hillary Clinton’s 50-point lead. He put this look on her face:

But in addition to giving us such delicious schadenfreude to savor, the old coot may have actually won. Or at least that’s what Jennifer Jacobs at the Des Moines Register is reporting:

Even as Hillary Clinton trumpeted her Iowa win in New Hampshire on Tuesday, aides for Bernie Sanders said the eyelash-thin margin raised questions and called for a review…

Sanders campaign aides told the Register they’ve found some discrepancies between tallies at the precinct level and numbers that were reported to the state party. The Iowa Democratic Party determines its winner based not on a head count, like in the Republican caucuses, but on state delegate equivalents, tied to a math formula. And there was enough confusion, and untrained volunteers on Monday night, that errors may have been made…

Clinton’s Iowa campaign director, Matt Paul, said in a statement at 2:35 a.m.: “Hillary Clinton has won the Iowa caucus. After thorough reporting — and analysis — of results, there is no uncertainty and Secretary Clinton has clearly won the most national and state delegates. Statistically, there is no outstanding information that could change the results and no way that Senator Sanders can overcome Secretary Clinton’s advantage.”

Why is Hillary Clinton disregarding the will of the people?

So now this is happening, as reported by Bloomberg Politics:

Bernie Sanders tells reporters he has questions about coin flips being used to break ties in some Iowa precincts, and that his campaign is reviewing results.

Good. Don’t let her get away with this, Bernie. She’s in the pocket of the big banks. She wants the rich to get richer and the poor to get the picture. She wants 23 brands of deodorant. Fight back! Make her #FeelTheBern!