Clinton Sexual Assault Accuser Admires Trump

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Kathleen Willey, a former White House aide who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault, told The Daily Caller Wednesday of the tactics she believes Hillary used to order the suppression of her deposition and how she admires Donald Trump.

Despite Hillary’s claims that she is a running a campaign of “love and kindness,” Willey told us during the months leading up to her deposition, “all I felt was fear and terror.”

Willey was a life-long Virginia Democrat activist before joining the White House social office, having worked on the campaigns of Gov. Doug Wilder and attorney general Mary Terry. It was in 1993 when Willey said President Clinton assaulted her. In her 1998 deposition during Paula Jones’s sexual harassment suit against the former president, she described how Bill “put my hands on his genitals.”

According to Willey, the Clintons went to drastic lengths to prevent her from telling the truth in court. She describes a lunch her friend the late Christopher Hitchens had with Hillary’s email buddy Sid Blumenthal: “during this lunch with Sid Blumenthal, Christopher said something like ‘looks like you guys got some big problems now after that 60 Minutes interview.” To which Sid Blumenthal responded, ‘Well she may look good today…she’s not going to look good by Friday.” Hitchens afterwards filed an affidavit.

Willey believes desperate tactics were taken by the Clintons to intimidate her. She told TheDC of a dead cat found on her porch, a man she saw at night under her deck, and a stranger in her remote neighborhood inquiring threateningly about how her children were doing.

It is for this reason she was so enraged hearing Hillary Clinton say, “every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.”

“If I had a gun I would have shot the TV screen out. I was so angry. I was so angry when I heard her say that. In fact, I was so incredulous that I actually replayed it five times to make sure I heard what I heard. I could not believe what was coming out of this woman’s mouth, and I thought ‘who in the name of god is talking to this woman? Who’s consulting with her?’ Of all the people in the world to say that,” said Willey.

It was in January that Donald Trump said Bill Clinton was, “one of the great woman abusers of all time,” and that Hillary was an “enabler.”

When Willey heard this she said: “I was thankful, because nobody, nobody in the mainstream media has ever had the nerve to ask her anything about what she was responsible for doing to all of these victims. And believe me, she is the one behind all of the terrorization, and the trashing of all of us who have suffered at his hands. She’s behind it all. She’s hired the private investigators, she’s done it all.”

Among 2016 candidates, Willey likes Trump the most. “I’ll tell you what I like about him. He may be a blowhard and he might be brass, and he might be a bully, and he might be all of the above. But when he stood up and announced that he was running for president, and he said ‘I love this country, and I want it to be great again’ is all I needed to hear. I admire his enthusiasm, I admire his love for country,” Willey told TheDC.

Willey is a widow and since leaving the White House has been in financial trouble. Following the alleged incident with former President Clinton it has been difficult for her to get jobs in politics. One of them the DNC set her up with she said “was all a ruse.” She is currently facing foreclosure and has set up a fund to receive donations.

She is not the only women to come out and speak of harassment at the hands of Bill Clinton, according to her there are many more who wish to remain anonymous.

When asked how many Willey said, “well lets say more than Bill Cosby.”