Trump Says Hillary Is ‘Absolutely Guilty’


Steve Guest Media Reporter

Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton is “absolutely guilty” of mishandling classified information.

Thursday on the “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Trump lamented, “I have a feeling that she’s going to be protected by the Democrats.”

Hewitt asked Trump, “Do you think Hillary Clinton is guilty of breaking the law and is she gonna get away with it?” (RELATED: Rep. Issa: FBI ‘Would Like To Indict Both Huma [Abedin] And Hillary Clinton’)

Trump said, “I think she’s guilty and you know that’s based on you know a little legal work that I’ve done and I have great lawyers surrounding me all the time for lots of other reasons where you know just deals and business. They tell me and also reading and watching. They tell me ‘absolutely guilty.'” (RELATED: MSNBC: ‘Explosive Revelations’ Still To Come In Hillary Email Saga [VIDEO])

However, Trump warned, “I have a feeling that she’s going to be protected by the Democrats and I think it’s very unfair to General Petraeus and to lots of other people that have suffered greatly doing far less than she has.”

Later Trump reiterated, “I think it’s absolutely, I think she’s guilty. I think they’re going to protect her and I think that’s going to be a very, very bad thing for our country. It’s going to set up almost a double set of laws. Very, very unfair. And very unfair to the people who have suffered.”

Hewitt interjected, “They’ve always had two sets of rules for the Clintons though haven’t they Donald Trump?”

“Well, Whitewater was a disaster and everybody said that she was totally guilty of that,” Trump argued. “I was with a friend of mine who was very involved in that and said it was really was something that she should have paid a bigger price for.”

“You know, she got away with it by a whisper. You know that was by a whisper. That was almost a flip of a coin, like she won the six flips. We have to find out that coin. Could you imagine winning an election by flipping a coin. That doesn’t sound like the American way I have to tell you,” Trump insisted, referring to the way the Iowa Caucus was partially decided. (RELATED: Hillary Won Six Straight Coin Tosses To Win Handful Of County Delegates [VIDEO])

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