Female Marine Iraq Veteran: Women Really Don’t Want To Be In Combat Roles

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Civilian leaders in the military have heralded the decision open all ground combat roles to women as a sign of progress, but some females who have actually served in the military are none too pleased at the Pentagon’s plans.

Jude Eden, a Marine veteran who deployed to Fallujah in Iraq from 2005 to 2006, blasted Defense Secretary Ash Carter for bringing women into all combat roles because this decision seems to carry the natural implication that women all over the United States between the ages of 18 and 26 will likely soon have to sign up for the draft.

“The question of drafting women exposes the lie that violent, offensive direct ground combat is an equal opportunity – career or otherwise – for women,” Eden said in a statement to The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Now we’re left to deal with the fallout of the Obama-imposed doublethink.”

Eden added that the draft is now an issue because of overzealous military leaders and lawmakers reshaping the entire force over no more than a few women who are interested in combat.

“The draft is precisely why this has never been about “a few women who want to.” You make policy based on the 99% of women who don’t volunteer to serve, not a tiny fraction of the already tiny fraction of women who do volunteer,” Eden said.

For Eden, it has taken the threat of drafting women to prompt lawmakers to start talking about oversight, even though that oversight should have taken place back in 2013 when the Obama administration announced initial intentions to open ground combat roles to women.

Back in August 2015, Eden wrote an op-ed in The New York Times asking Carter not to open all combat roles to women, as the addition runs the risk of ruining mission success.

“Commanders of coed units know too well the added burdens of trying to juggle sexual dynamics, accommodations, relationships, fraternization, rape, pregnancy, hygiene and much more while maintaining troop welfare and good order and discipline, let alone mission accomplishment,” Eden wrote. “These are liabilities that can result in mission failure and high casualties in the combat units, all to satisfy a tiny group of women selfishly petitioning for their own career advancement.”

Clearly, her request went unanswered.

GOP Reps. [crscore]Duncan Hunter[/crscore] and [crscore]Ryan Zinke[/crscore] introduced a bill earlier this week to require that women between the ages of 18 to 26 sign up for the draft either 90 days after the bill passes, or 90 days after women are fully integrated.

Hunter didn’t want to introduce the bill, but felt it was a necessary and logical step to take, even though he’s not even sure he’ll support it himself when the time comes. The bill came after Marine Gen. Robert Neller and Army Gen. Mark Milley both told the Senate Committee on Armed Services they believe women should have to sign up for the draft.

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