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Hillary Clinton: ‘I Want To Start Good Things From Happening’

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I want to try a little experiment. Turn up your volume all the way, click on the Vine clip below, start your stopwatch app, and see how long you can take it:

How’d you do? I made it 33 seconds. Felt like 33 hours.

“I don’t want to just stop bad things from happening, I want to start good things from happening.” And then she just kept going, either not realizing how dumb she sounded or not caring. She’s in her own little world.

Hillary 2016: Start Good Things from Happening

I know it’s unfair to seize on one gaffe and act like it tells you everything you need to know about a candidate, but too bad. They do it to Republicans all the time. Nobody remembers Dan Quayle as anything but “that guy who couldn’t spell ‘potato.'” In 2012, some reporter actually screamed “What about your gaffes?” at Romney. Hell, they still smirk about “Binders full of women” even now, and yet none of them can explain why. Cheap shots are all they can afford. So let’s see how they like it.

Hillary Clinton is a doddering fossil. She can barely keep it together while debating a guy who’s even older than she is, and that’s old. Even if she were competent or honest or any of the other things she’s not, her disjointed nattering would still be intolerable.

When SWAT teams want to force hostage-takers to surrender, they should blast Hillary Clinton’s speeches at high decibels. Forget waterboarding, just make terrorists listen to her jabbering for 10 minutes and they’ll tell you anything you want to know. They’ll give up their own mothers. Just make it stop.

But if you want to listen to that for 4 years, libs, go ahead and vote for her. It’s not like you have souls left to destroy anyway.