Christie: Abortion ‘Can Be An Act Of Self-Defense’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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At a campaign stop in Manchester, New Hampshire, Monday, Chris Christie said that abortion “can be an act of self-defense” and explained how that belief can still be consistent with a pro-life stance.

“I believe we have always found exceptions for self-defense, and I believe that if a woman is raped or if a woman is the victim of incest,” Christie stated, “that to be forced to have that child is not appropriate, and that it can be an act of self-defense to end that.”

“I know there’s some people that disagree with that, but you know what? If someone came into my house with a gun — even though I believe every life is precious — and tried to commit an act of crime against me, I could end that life and not be at all inconsistent with my pro-life position.”

“I understand that some people are for no exceptions,” he continued. “That’s a perfectly appropriate position to take if that’s what you feel in your heart, but it is not what I believe in my heart.”


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