Photo Appears To Show Christie Hugging Hillary Clinton

Kerry Picket Political Reporter

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Chris Christie may have embraced trouble for himself. A [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore] supporter tweeted a photo Monday of the New Jersey governor appearing to hug Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on CNN’s “State of the Union” set in New Hampshire.

This apparent hug comes over week after Christie said he would prosecute Clinton if elected president.

Christie presented the meeting between him and Clinton as a tension-filled foreshadowing of what to expect in November in a tweet.

The New Jersey governor appeared again on MSNBC Monday morning and called Hillary Clinton a “loser” immediately after telling the hosts he considered Donald Trump his “friend.”

Christie found himself in hot water with Republicans when he heaped praise on President Obama for his response to Hurricane Sandy and skipped Romney campaign events just weeks before the 2012 election. Many claim Christie hugged Obama, but Gov. Christie disputes this.

“They asked Christie to come to the rally,” one former Romney campaign aide told National Review. “Christie’s people said he wouldn’t leave the state. So, Romney’s people offered to send a helicopter. Christie could get from Trenton to the rally in 15 minutes.”

“Christie said that he did not want to threaten federal disaster money,” which Obama, controlled. “He said he did not want to attack Obama. But he didn’t have to do that. All he had to do was introduce ‘My good friend, Mitt Romney.’ All he did was repeat himself: ‘I won’t leave the state.'”

Christie’s campaign has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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