NFL Prospects With Domestic Violence Or Weapons Charges Barred From Combine

Ben Harris Contributor
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In a league where retroactive punishments have heaped a firestorm of criticism upon Roger Goodell’s reign, the NFL has taken a proactive step to clean up its image. (RELATED: It’s Time For Roger Goodell To Go)

The annual NFL Combine – which in recent years has exploded into a grotesque media circus, much like every other aspect of the league – will not extend invitations to prospects with prior sexual assault, domestic violence or weapons offenses, per USA Today.

As much as the concussion debate has damaged the league’s image, so has its players’ misconduct, keeping negative league news at the forefront of the public’s attention.

This ban comes on the heels of the league snapping its remarkable streak of 81 straight months with a player arrest (dating back to July 2009) in November. Joseph Randle was not on an active roster at the time of his November casino arrest. (RELATED: NFL Running Back Arrested For Assaulting Casino Cop [VIDEO])

Both felony and misdemeanor charges will ban prospects from participating in any “league-related events,” including attending the draft in-person.

Players who refuse to undergo a background check will also not be allowed to participate in the cognitive and physical tests administered during the combine.

“It is important for us to remain strongly committed to league values as we demonstrate to our fans, future players, coaches, general managers, and others who support our game that character matters,” said former player and NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent in the release sent to teams in late January.

Problems with the law have extended beyond players on the field to coaches and owners.