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Iran Throws Parade For U.S. Sailors


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Well… sort of.

Morgan Chalfant, Washington Free Beacon:

Participants in a rally celebrating the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution recreated scenes of Iran’s capture of 10 U.S. sailors last month.

Photos of the celebration in Tehran have been circulated on social media, showing several participants dressed like the U.S. sailors kneeling with their hands on their heads. They were surrounded by individuals, who appear to be armed, mimicking the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) personnel who arrested the sailors at gunpoint on Jan. 12.

According to Joe Biden, that incident was just “standard nautical practice.” Seems weird that Iran is making such a big deal out of it, huh, Joe?

Let’s hope John Kerry sends Iran yet another nice “Thank You” card. It really means a lot that they put up with us.

Congratulations, Democrats. After eight years under the Obama administration, the United States is a laughingstock around the world. But then, we deserve it, don’t we?