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Valet Driver Uses Concealed Weapon To Scare Off Woman’s Attacker

(REUTERS/Joshua Lott)

Alexa Santry Contributor
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A valet driver used his concealed weapon to scare off a woman who repeatedly stabbed a female employee at the General Motors Tech Center in Michigan, The Detroit Free Press reports.

The mayor of Warren, Mi., James Fouts, stated that the 52-year-old victim was stabbed by a 32-year-old woman outside the Tech Center Wednesday morning.

Authorities have since confirmed that the valet driver, Didarul Sarder, saved the victim’s life when he pulled out a handgun after witnessing the altercation.

Fouts alleged that Sarder was initially fired from the valet company because he broke his contract, which stated that he could not carry a weapon. But GM told the Free Press that neither it nor its contracted valet company fired Sarder.

Sarder’s wife told the Detroit newspaper that he was immediately told to leave the area after the incident.

Fouts later praised Sarder on Facebook: “His quick action using a licensed hand gun on the attacker undoubtedly saved this woman’s life. Had he not legally exercised his second amendment rights this woman would probably not be with us today. He is employed by a GM contracted valet service. Right after it happened someone in authority asked him off the premises because he violated company rules with a gun. That was absolutely the wrong response to this hero. However that decision was over-ruled by higher ups and he now has his job back.”

Fouts wrote, “Hero’s [sic] should be rewarded not terminated.”

The alleged stabber is now in custody, while the victim is in the hospital. She was stabbed in the neck, back and abdomen. Her wounds required surgery, and she is in critical condition.