Clinton Surrogate: Sanders’ Plan Means Free Education For Trump’s Kids [VIDEO]

Philip DeVoe Contributor
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MILWAUKEE — A top Hillary Clinton surrogate said after Thursday’s Democratic debate that Bernie Sanders’ plan for free college tuition is the “wrong public policy” because because it would benefit people like “Donald Trump’s children.”

During the debate, Clinton attacked Sanders’ higher education plan as unrealistic because it would require massive state and federal funding.

“Sen. Sanders’ plan really rests on making sure that governors like Scott Walker contribute $23 billion on the first day to make college free. I’m a little skeptical of your governor actually caring enough about higher education to make a commitment like that,” Clinton said to an audience of mostly Wisconsin residents.

Sanders avoided the specifics of the attack and repeated his stump speech about how a college education is essentially equivalent to a high school degree 50 years ago. “We should have free tuition at public colleges and universities. That should be a right of all Americans, regardless of the income of their families.”

The Daily Caller spoke with Clinton’s representatives in the spin room after the debate, who said that under Sanders’ plan, wealthy children would receive the same options for free education as middle-class and poor children.

“Raising taxes on lower middle-class workers who can’t afford a tax hike … [to give] free education for Donald Trump’s children … is the wrong public policy,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, who was speaking on behalf of Clinton. “We need to address the issue of higher education affordability, in a … way which addresses those who need it most.”

“We can’t eat cake and lose weight,” Perez concluded.

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