Is This The Edgiest Magazine Cover Of All Time?

Jacob Bojesson | Foreign Correspondent

A Polish magazine’s latest issue highlights “Islamic rape on Europe” with a cover photo of six dark arms grabbing a woman wearing the European Union’s flag.

The headline on the February cover of “wSieci” reads “ISLAMIC RAPE ON EUROPE,” with the sub headline: “Our report: what media and elites in Brussels hides from European Union citizens.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.49.12 PM

Source: wSieci

The magazine — one of the largest in Poland — has a history of pushing the limits with its covers. A previous issue featured then-Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz wearing a burqa and carrying bombs

The Law and Justice (PiS) government in Poland has imposed laws that some argue abolishes freedom of the press. The government now has control of all editorial appointments for public news outlets.

“The public media are ignoring their mission towards the nation,” Elzbieta Kruk, a PiS member of parliament said during a hearing on the new media law. “Instead of creating a media shield for the Polish national interest, journalists often sympathize with negative opinions about Poland.”

Polish President Andrzej Duda said the law ensures an “impartial, objective and reliable” national media when he signed it in December.

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