Pastor: The Mexican Government Is Using The Pope As A ‘Pawn’ To Attack Trump [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Pastor Mark Burns defended Donald Trump against the accusation from Pope Francis that Trump is not a Christian by citing the Bible.

Appearing on CNN’s “Wolf” on Thursday, Burns, a Trump supporter, called out the pope for living in the Vatican City, which is “100 percent surrounded by walls.” (RELATED: Pope Francis Questions Trump’s Christianity, Trump Fights Back [VIDEO])

Host Wolf Blizter asked Burns about his reaction to Pope Francis suggesting that Trump was not a Christian because he is for building a wall along the US/Mexico border and Burns said, “I really think it’s sad for the Mexican government to really use the Holy Father as a pawn.” (RELATED: Black Pastor: ‘The Liberal Media’ Doesn’t Know The Real Trump [VIDEO])

Burns, the pastor of the Harvest Praise and Worship Center in Easley, South Carolina said, “The Pope [is] only receiving one part of a conversation. The Mexican government is consistently using propaganda, such as bringing in the Holy Father himself to outmaneuver, outrank — outmaneuver the United States’ government and the leadership that we currently have.”

“I mean, the Bible throughout the scriptures lists over and over again the building of walls. I’m a little perplexed for the pope to say one who is building walls would be unchristian when in reality, the Vatican itself is 100 percent covered around a wall,” Burns said. “The book of Nehemiah chapter 2, verse 17, makes it clear that, that Nehemiah said– see the bad situation you’re in, come and let us build a wall. In Nehemiah chapter 6, verse number 16, the Bible says that when enemies heard that a wall was then built, they were afraid for the work was done by the Lord. So for me to hear the pope declare that building a wall is — anyone who builds walls is not a Christian, I’m very perplexed and a little bit confused.”

“And I really want to be clear, because I don’t want this to become a Trump attack against Catholics or the Holy Father or the Pope,” Burns said. “Again, we recognize who the pope is. And I think the pope is really being used as a pawn by the Mexican government to once again, outwit the United States’ government and our current leadership. Mr. Trump has made it clear that we as Christians will have a friend in the White House. And, again, I’m just perplexed and a little bit confused why the pope would make such statements.”

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