Poll: Trump Would Beat Sanders, Bloomberg In Three-Way Race

Alexa Santry Contributor
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A USA Today/Suffolk University poll released Wednesday shows that Donald Trump would defeat Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg in a hypothetical three-way match-up.

The poll found Trump as the Republican nominee would win 37 percent of the vote. Sanders, the potential Democratic nominee, would win 30 percent. Bloomberg, who is said to be considering an independent run, would win 16 percent.

If Trump and Sanders were the nominees and Bloomberg did not run, Trump would narrowly beat Sanders 44 percent to 43 percent. Bloomberg’s entrance would take 13 percentage points from Sanders and just 7 percentage points from Trump.

Michael Bloomberg, the New York billionaire, has flirted with the idea of entering the presidential race as a third-party candidate. Bloomberg served as mayor of New York and has identified as a Democrat, Republican and independent.

Bloomberg, who previously claimed it would be “impossible” to win as a third-party candidate, has since said he will consider running if Trump or [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] is the Republican nominee and is matched against Sanders, CNN reports.

In regards to the presidential race, Bloomberg told The Financial Times that he thinks Americans deserve “a lot better” and that this year’s race is “an outrage and an insult to the voters.”

Bloomberg sources told CNN in January that he was “seriously considering” candidacy and would make a decision in early March.