Teen Who Had MUCHO Sex With His High School Spanish Teacher: ‘Her Boyfriend Never Satisfied Her’

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San Diego, Calif. high school Spanish teacher Toni Sutton is among the most recent teachers busted for having sex with an underage student.

Police arrested Sutton, 37, late last month on charges that she carried on a six-month love affair with a male student who was 15 years old at the time.

Now that Sutton is facing 11 felony charges and nearly 10 years in prison, Dr. Drew — David Drew Pinsky — decided it would be a good idea to interview the student on his primetime HLN show this week.

“How does this get started? How does this happen?” the Loveline advice-giver asks the student — pseudonymously called Zach, with his whole head shrouded in blackness like a mafia witness — in the interview.

“Well, one day, umm, it was just me and her, and we were in her classroom. And she would always come to me about how her boyfriend never satisfied her sexually,” Zach says. “And, that day, we talked about her boyfriend not satisfying her.”

The male teen student, now 16, then explains how his torrid, months-long sex trauma with his Spanish teacher began.

“And then, in the classroom that day, she called me over to show me some volleyball videos. And, since I felt that she wasn’t getting any love or, like, she wasn’t getting affection at home, I thought it was right for me to kiss her.”

“Everybody has problems, and I just thought she needed someone to talk to,” Zach added.

The student then went to say he had no idea that it’s against the law for teachers to have sex with high school students, and to attest that he and Sutton had sex “around 30 times” — but that’s just a rough estimate.

Prior to her arrest, Sutton had taught Spanish and coached volleyball at Crawford High School, a public school in San Diego’s El Cerrito neighborhood.

According to prosecutors, the star-crossed pair allegedly had sex in Sutton’s car, in her classroom and inside the home near Crawford High she shared with her boyfriend.

The student’s parents notified police about the affair when they discovered incriminating texts on his mobile phone, reports San Diego ABC affiliate KGTV.

Sutton’s attorney, Kerry Armstrong, said Sutton’s career is ruined.

“She’s been a teacher for 11 years,” Armstrong told the station. “Obviously, no matter what happens in this case, that’s over. She’ll never be a teacher again with allegations like this, even if we win this case, so she’s heartbroken. She really is.”

Students at Crawford High said they liked Sutton.

“She was a good teacher; she was a cool teacher,” veritable student on the street Ricky Stewart told NBC San Diego. “She was always there for the students who needed help, give snacks and stuff like that. She wasn’t a person who would do bad things.”

Sutton has a daughter, according to NBC San Diego. Separately, her boyfriend also has two children.

School district officials placed Sutton on administrative leave after she was arrested.

Sutton has pleaded not guilty to the 11 felony charges against her.

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