Former SC Dem Chair: Hillary Must ‘Crush Sanders Here, And I Don’t Think That Will Happen’

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager
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CHARLESTON, S.C. — Former South Carolina Democratic Chairman Dick Harpootlian thinks that anything short of a landslide Hillary Clinton victory in next week’s Democratic primary will count as a win for Bernie Sanders.

According to Real Clear Politics, Clinton currently leads Sanders by more than twenty points in the Palmetto State, yet Harpootlian — who heavily supported President Obama’s 2008 campaign — notes that “polling data is based on historical turnout” and “doesn’t reflect momentum.” (VIDEO: Harpootlian — Hillary ‘Will Die A Death Of A Thousand Cuts’)

“I think that Bernie, his people have put together a tremendous field operation here over the past few weeks,” the Columbia-based attorney told TheDC. “I think that will tighten up” the race over the next week.

“If you remember, [Clinton] was way up in Iowa, and they basically tied. She was way up in Nevada, and its going to be very close, one way or the other,” Harpootlian added. “If he wins Nevada Saturday, that could make a big change,” and put even more pressure on Clinton’s showing in South Carolina.

“I saw it in ’08. If Clinton thinks she’s going to lose here, she’ll pull out all the stops.”

“She’s got to win by significant double digits here to send a message,” he explained. “If she wins by single digits — or even low double digits — she will have eroded 20-25 percent of what the polls say she had four weeks ago or two weeks ago.”


“She’s got to crush him here, and I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

It should be noted Harpootlian endorsed Sanders as the Democratic nominee earlier in February. The South Carolina Democratic primary takes place Saturday, February 27.

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