In Heated Interview, Shaun King Says He’s ‘Blacker’ Than Black Radio Host Jason Whitlock [AUDIO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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New York Daily News columnist-activist Shaun King, whose racial background is the subject of some speculation, said during a heated radio interview on Friday that he was “blacker” than black radio host Jason Whitlock.

Whitlock and King met on air to discuss King’s recent story about sexual assault allegations made against quarterback Peyton Manning in 1996 when he was a student at the University of Tennessee.

King published a 74-page “statement of fact” by a university trainer, Dr. Jamie Naughright, who alleged that Manning placed his backside, testicles and rectum on her face while she was inspecting his foot.

Whitlock accused King, one of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement, of going after Manning because he is white. The Daily News piece ran after King wrote several articles complaining about how the media treated Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, who is black, after his team’s loss to Manning’s Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl.

Whitlock also stated that King is white and not black or bi-racial, as he claims. King responded to Whitlock’s criticism on Twitter, calling the sports commentator a “Tom” and a “coon.”

He maintained that line of attack during Friday’s interview, which was aired on Fox Sports radio.

“You are that dude who will say what conservatives love to hear,” King said. “You will always have a job because there is always a job for a black man who will say what white men are thinking.”

Whitlock then referred to stories about King’s birth certificate, which lists him as having a white mother and white father.

“I’m not under some identity crisis,” Whitlock said. “I don’t have to fake, I don’t have to pretend to be somebody I’m not.”

King has denied that he is white. After his birth certificate was published in August by Breitbart News, he posted a lengthy essay asserting that his white mother had an affair with a black man he does not know.

“This is inference that I am pretending to be black — I am bi-racial,” King said Friday. “I’ve already shared details of my…I’ve gone to great lengths to share it. But you coming for me on it shows me and teaches all of us what you think blackness is. Yes, you are of a darker hue than me, but brother, I am blacker than you everyday of the week.”

Whitlock shot back:

“If appealing to people via Twitter or on radio through short-sighted, ‘Hey Cam Newton’s getting criticized, let me tear down a white guy, that proves my blackness.’ If that is what blackness is, I wasn’t raised properly by my parents and my family because that’s not what we thought blackness was. It never had a damn thing to do with tearing white people down, it always had something to do with building us up and doing positive things and moving yourself and your family forward and representing yourself and your family in a positive way.”


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