Triumph Rips 2016 Field On ‘The Late Show’ With Colbert [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Thursday, on CBS’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog said that he had read every book written by the 2016 candidate.

The dog puppet said he read Donald Trump’s book, for instance: “Pride and Prejudice: Now With More Prejudice.”

Triumph also said that Jeb Bush’s new book was “Leading to Courage America Freedom… Future… Ah Fuck It… I’m Out.” (RELATED: Frustrated Jeb Sarcastically Says ‘I Should Stop Campaigning’ [VIDEO])

The comedian also mercilessly slammed Chris Christie: “Now that he’s not running for president, I’m worried that Chris Christie might let himself go.”

Turning to Fiorina, Triumph said he was “bummed out” he never got to meet her “face to face-lift.”

Regarding Sanders, Triumph said, “Bernie, yeah, I don’t get it. Bernie 2016. That’s crazy. The man doesn’t look a year over 2000.”


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