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Valerie Jarrett Blames Chicago Gun Violence On Indiana [Video]

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear

Valerie Jarrett, Chicago native and senior adviser to President Obama, showed up via satellite to the Steve Harvey Show on Monday to discuss the recent executive orders on guns and gun violence in Chicago.

Harvey asks, “Explain the new rules and what will they do?”

Jarrett explains you need to get a license to sell guns and do a background check. We also need more ATF agents. We need more FBI agents. More mental health treatment before “it” becomes a crisis. Of course we need to figure out how to make guns safer because your iPad is safe because you can put a thumbprint on there to get it to operate.

Clearly that is why iPads are so rarely used in stick-ups and drug deals gone bad.

Harvey, “How will these rules reduce the gun violence particularly here in a city like Chicago?”

The problem per Jarrett is the lack of background checks because, “what law abiding citizen wouldn’t want to subject themself to a background check?”

Law abiding citizens are already subjecting themselves to background checks. It’s not the law abiding that are causing the problems.

In a nice twist of blame shifting Jarrett faults Indiana for Chicago’s problems, “right next door you have Indiana” with their loose gun laws. People are buying a bunch of guns in Indiana and selling them in the “streets of Chicago out of the back of a truck.” But in her defense she does want to, “prosecute people that are violating the law and allowing those guns to go into the wrong hands.”

Please note that Indiana isn’t as violent as Chicago even with all those loose gun laws. Either is any city in Maine, Wyoming or Vermont where there is a gun in virtually every home.

Regrettably, Chicago has a dismal record of federal prosecutions for gun violations, even when guns are being sold out of the back of trucks.

Hope and change is probably the answer. These kids don’t have a chance at the American Dream, “if children grow up thinking that it is unlikely for them to live past 21, how can we expect them to dream big?”

Jarrett’s question is quite reasonable. What kind of life do you expect to have when you can’t envision a life as an adult?

Here is the real question: What system of government put these kids in a place where the American Dream is so far out of reach? Answer: The last time Chicago elected a republican mayor was with William Hale Thompson in 1927.

Congratulations to the democrats for nearly a century of good government in Chi-Raq. They have truly done a bang-up job so far.

Jarrett finishes making sure that you know the gun manufacturers are at fault and more gun laws are the answer because, “if we can save one child, isn’t it worth it?” “Yeah,” Harvey answers to thunderous applause.