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Kid Makes American Flag For School Project Using Thousands Of Toy Soldiers, Somehow Doesn’t Get Suspended

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This story has it all, libs: a small town, patriotism, guns, and white people. Get ready to sneer.

WISH-TV, Indianapolis:

Obviously, those thousands of toy guns were too tiny and well-disguised to get this young man in trouble with his school. Let’s hope he doesn’t decide to make a fake gun out of American flags, or it’ll be Zero Tolerance Time.

Besides, what do soldiers have to do with America? It’s not like they put their lives on the line for our freedoms. Only stupid wingnuts believe that. We’d be a lot better off without a military at all. Then all the other countries would stop hating us and everybody could be friends. But noooooooo.

Way to go, warmongers. You’ve indoctrinated a whole new generation into your hate-cult. Enjoy your “flags.”

(Hat tip: Mike Opelka)