McCarthy: It’s A Two Person Race Between Trump And Rubio [VIDEO]

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House Majority Leader [crscore]Kevin McCarthy[/crscore] says that it’s a two person race on the Republican side between Donald Trump and [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore].

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe, ” McCarthy said that Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] has “lost” the evangelical vote.(RELATED: Rubio: 70 Percent Of Republicans Won’t Vote For Trump [VIDEO])

Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor Mark Halperin asked McCarthy, “When you said it’s a two-person race, are you saying that It’s Trump/Cruz or Trump/Rubio?” (Rubio: Bush Dropping Out ‘Really Boosts Us’ [VIDEO])

“I see more Trump/Rubio because I think Cruz’s whole strategy of winning, he didn’t plan on Trump and when you look at going through the evangelical vote and others, he lost that,” McCarthy said. “And the reason why I say that, though, Rubio stumbled in New Hampshire so I didn’t know he was going to come back. That was actually a good win. Now, don’t take anything away from Donald getting the delegates but Rubio coming back in South Carolina, I think that was big.”

Host Joe Scarborough followed up, “But what state can he win? Rubio can’t even name a state he can win. What state can he win?”

“Well, I think that’s very difficult,” McCarthy argued. “That’s why advantage goes to Trump and momentum happens.”

Cruz could win Texas, McCarthy said, but Scarborough added, “But he’s not even sure he can win Texas.”

“I think this race is going to come to fruition March 15,” McCarthy argued. “It’s winner take all. If Rubio can’t win Florida, I think it’s pretty difficult,” Scarborough added, “It’s over, yeah.”

“Momentum matters at this time,” McCarthy said. “You were right about money, you can’t get it fast enough. You got to do things differently. And the person who spent the least amount of money is leading right now so you have to think differently how to do this.”

New York Times political correspondent Nick Confessore followed up, “So if you’re a down-ballot Republican, which of these candidates do you want at the top of the ticket in the fall?”

“Well depends. If I’m a down-candidate Republican in Miami, I want Rubio. If I’m wanting to get independents and others they’re going say Trump can bring you those,” McCarthy said. “It’s an all different play of where you are. Look, I think a lot of things are going to play into the race before we get there.”

“A lot of people never thought Trump could become the nominee but he can. You have to get your head around that,” McCarthy insisted. “In the House we have a responsibility. We have to go lay out our agenda. And our agenda, anybody could capture that agenda and run with it.”

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