Are #Jihotties Why Girls Flock To ISIS Ranks?

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A devoutly Muslim female comedian’s new show “The Kardashians Made Me Do It” asks why so many young Western Muslim girls run away to join ISIS.

Shazia Mirza, a British-born comedian, says ISIS fighters are a bad boy fantasy. Jihotties, men who display their masculinity, are used to recruit brides for the fighters.

“Yes, they [ISIS fighters] may be barbaric … murderous psychopaths … but they are hairy, macho, they have guns and and they’re exciting … and that presses a lot of girls’ buttons,” explained Mirza to Agence France Presse.

For many girls, the reality of ISIS’ horrendous crimes are lost in their longing for romance and adventure.

“This is not about radicalization, it’s sexualization,” Mirza told AFP. Young, Muslim females see ISIS fighters as promising “no-guilt halal sex of which Allah approves.”

Mirza insists her comedy was purely observational. But after three London teenagers ran away to join ISIS last year, Mirza thought that maybe her comedy had something to say.

“If some hot, hairy Muslim Brad Pitt had written to me at 15 and sent me pictures asking me to join him, it might have seemed like an exciting way out. But it would have been nothing to do with religion,” noted Mirza.

Mirza is convinced that the girls had sex on their mind rather than religion or revenge on the West.

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