David Brock Stalks Bernie Sanders With ANOTHER Open Letter

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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David Brock, head of pro-Hillary Super PAC Correct the Record, penned his second open letter in the past week to Sen. Bernie Sanders Tuesday, pleading the Vermont senator to quit campaigning negatively against Clinton.

“I’m writing today to urge that you and your campaign immediately halt all negative campaigning against our party’s prospective candidate for the Presidency, Secretary Hillary Clinton,” Brock writes.

Brock was a conservative journalist in the 1990s who lead the charge against President Bill Clinton, writing the first story referencing Paula Jones, who Clinton allegedly sexual harassed. He then did an about-face in 1998, and has since been doing the dirty work of the Clintons, providing opposition research and attacking candidates.

Later in the letter, Brock writes, “With Mrs. Clinton now universally recognized as the leading candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination, at this juncture, by staying negative, all you are doing is helping Karl Rove and his ilk do their general election dirty work.”

The attacks Brock are referring to is Sanders repeated criticism of money Hillary has received from Wall Street donors, the Vermont senator has also drawn criticism for saying Clinton is embracing Obama in an effort to win over black voters.

The Clinton campaign said, “[It’s] disappointing that Sen. Sanders thinks the only reason a Democrat would be proud of President Obama’s work would be a political ploy to court African-American voters.”

Last week, Brock wrote another letter criticizing Sanders for attacking Bill Clinton and President Obama saying, “I did not think I’d have to defend one of the most successful Democratic presidents in history during a Democratic primary, I am not surprised that someone who formally identified as a Democrat until just three months ago would recycle Republican talking points against Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

The Sanders campaign had no comment regarding this most recent letter from Brock.