Sheriff Clarke Can’t Believe Beyonce Would ‘Crawl In Bed With The Devil That I Call Louis Farrakhan’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says, “If Lucifer had a son, it would be Louis Farrakhan.”

Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s “Making Money With Charles Payne,” Clarke slammed Beyonce for getting support from Louis Farrakahn who Clarke insisted “spews hate, racism, he’s an anti-Semite. He, last September, called for 10,000 black men to rise and kill 10,000 white people.”

Payne introduce Clarke claiming, “Some police unions want to boycott Beyonce after her black power Super Bowl performance but she is getting some support from Louis Farrakhan, he’s actually offering to provide security for her shows.” (RELATED: Miami Police Union Calls For Boycott Of Beyoncé’s Formation Tour)

Noting the police boycott of Beyonce shows and Farrakhan’s offer to step in, Payne asked Clarke, “Is this going to help the situation or will it inflame it even more?” (RELATED: Will Beyonce Perform This Song About ‘Black Lives Matter’ At The Super Bowl?)

Clarke responded, “It will make it more [inflamed]. Look, I don’t care who [Beyonce] hires as public security as long as public resources in the form of police officers aren’t used. But she’s got a brand and she has a good brand. She’s got to be careful with it. I can’t believe she would crawl in bed with the devil that I call Louis Farrakhan.”

“If Lucifer had a son, it would be Louis Farrakhan. This guy spews hate, racism, he’s an anti-semite. He, last September, called for 10,000 black men to rise and kill 10,000 white people,” Clarke claimed. “Recently, last fall, Farrakhan came to Milwaukee and his staff had the nerve to call my office to ask if we would provide security for him. To which my response was ‘Seriously? No. If you guys paid me, I wouldn’t provide security.'”

“And yet, in the black community, Farrakhan is seen as a positive,” Payne responded. “The Muslims who follow him, there are certain rigid guidelines, that people say maybe there wouldn’t be broken families… and drug addiction and those kinds of things. Is that wrong to put him on a pedestal for those kind of things? Or do the other things just completely mitigate that?”

Clarke insisted, “There are enough positive black role models in central cities and large cities across the United States to not have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for Louis Farrakhan to be held up as a role model. Look, this guy, he comes in, spews that hate. He’s very divisive. He’s done nothing to improve black life in any city in America. And I think that’s a guy who should be shunned. And if you are a parent out there you should keep your sons and daughters away from the likes of Louis Farrakhan as a role model.”

Adding, “So Farrakhan can do what he wants, he can say whatever he wants, but when it comes to begin a positive role model in the black community in America, he is not that.”


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