Dr. Phil Gave A Brutal Diagnosis When He Was Asked What’s Wrong With Kanye West

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Dr. Phil gave Kanye West a brutal diagnosis when he was asked what he thinks is wrong with the rapper.

Dr. Phil Kanye West

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During an interview with James Corden on Tuesday night, the 65-year-old psychologist implied that West was narcissistic. (RELATED: Taylor Swift Just Blew Kanye West Away With This Acceptance Speech)

“Does it really take a professional?” Dr. Phil said. “You can’t be that wrong that many times in a row unless you’re working at it.”

Corden asked Dr. Phil if he thought West was acting out because he wanted publicity.

“We’re talking about it, aren’t we?” Dr. Phil said. “I mean we are here talking about it. He just gets up and say something, so it’s working.” (RELATED: Chelsea Handler: Kanye West Is ‘An Unstable Maniac’ Who Will Have ‘Breakdown’ Any Day Now)

“Everybody thinks stuff sometimes; you’ll think of something really stupid, but we’re in a society now, we’re in a generation now, where everybody thinks you got to have an audience for everything,” Dr. Phil added.

Kanye West Saturday Night Live meltdown

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“Listen, I don’t need to know that you just brushed your teeth. And I don’t need a picture of it, I don’t need a film of it, but we’re so narcissistic now, everybody’s doing selfies of themselves brushing their teeth. I don’t care! But everybody’s gotta post it up. So now, you say something stupid, it just goes wall-to-wall. They’re reading it in China in five seconds, so it just goes all over the place.”

“You used to be stupid and get away with it.” (RELATED: This Uncensored Audio Of Kanye West’s Meltdown Will Shock You)