CNN Compares Trump To Death Star, Other Candidates To Jedis [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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During Thursday’s broadcast of “Early Start” on CNN, John Berman and Christine Romans used Star Wars metaphors to talk about Thursday night’s CNN-moderated debate.

“It’s like Donald Trump is the Death Star,” remarked Romans. “Which one of these candidates is Luke Skywalker who’s going to be able to take him down, or can they?”

“That’s a great analogy,” added Berman. “They have to stay on target. Stay on target, you might say.”

“On a stage with only five people, it’s almost as if [Rubio] will be forced … into some kind of exchange with Donald Trump.”

“Well, John may the Force be with you,” finished Romans. “The Republican establishment hopes one of those Jedi fighters will be able to take him down.”

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