White People Have Bred Dogs To Attack Black People, Declares Taxpayer-Funded Professor

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A professor at California State University, Fullerton believes that white people have deliberately bred and conditioned “anti-black” domesticated dogs that attack and kill black people.

Such racist dog breeding has been happening for the last three centuries, African American studies professor Tyler D. Parry explained at an event at the Fullerton Public Library on Tuesday evening.

“People of African descent were being placed lower on the scales of species than the dogs were,” Parry said, according to the Daily Titan, Cal State’s student newspaper.

The original root cause for valuing dogs over humans was the institution of slavery, Parry claimed.

Spanish colonists trained dogs to attack and murder indigenous people, Parry asserted. It was a kind of ritual, he further said.

“Essentially there was a circle and dogs that would be placed in the middle where they would then throw women, children and other men into the circle to fight the dogs to the death,” Parry said, according to the Daily Titan.

White slave traders as well as European and American military forces used dogs to oppress black slaves and various Indians, the taxpayer-funded professor told the audience.

White people specifically bred the Cuban bloodhound to hunt down, mistreat and sometimes murder runaway slaves with its impressive strength, quickness and endurance, he said.

People who didn’t own slaves got in on the action by raising and selling “anti-black” dogs, Parry said.

After slaves were emancipated in the United States at the end of the Civil War, the professor then suggested, white people in the American South continued to breed dogs to oppress and dehumanize black people up through the end of the Jim Crow era in the 1960s.

Parry claimed that in Ferguson, Mo., in the aftermath of the 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown, police used dogs exclusively to attack black people. (RELATED: Total Police Failure Brings Absolute Mayhem To Ferguson After Grand Jury Announcement)

“The placement above animals, above humans, particularly those of African descent, perhaps consciously or subconsciously, is still being manifested today,” Parry declared, according to the Daily Titan.

The event at which Parry spoke was a discussion billed as “To Run Before the Dogs: Interrogating the Racial History of Canine Units in the United States.” The event description stated that it would cover “the history of canine units in the United States from their roots in slave systems in the Caribbean to the present.”

Parry, who has a Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina, specializes his academic research on historical marriage rites among slaves and also marriage among people who have descended from slaves.

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