Prison Guard Catches Whitey With A Bulger

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Notorious gangster James “Whitey” Bulger was caught masturbating with his left hand in his prison cell at 3 a.m. with the lights on, according to The Boston Globe.

Documents obtained by The Globe, indicate Bulger committed a “high severity offense” in US Penitentiary Coleman II in June 1, 2015 because he violated the prison regulation that “prohibits any sexual activity by inmates.”

However, according to the prison disciplinary report, the 86-year old claimed that he was not masturbating, but instead was administering medicated powder to his genitals for a yeast infection he deemed too embarrassing to report to the prison’s female nurses.

Bulger’s punishment was solitary confinement for 30 days, removal of commissary and email privileges for 120 days, and the confiscation of his personal property for 30 days.

According to the report, the corrections officer was conducting a cell-check and saw the mobster, with the lights on, touching his exposed genitals. Bulger claimed he purchased seven or eight containers of medicated powder at the canteen and was applying it when a prison guard approached his cell and yelled, “I got you.”

The Boston crime boss claimed he was “set up’ and insisted, “I’ve never had any charges like that in my whole life…I’m 85 years old. My sex life is over.”

After being informed of his impending punishment, Bulger wrote, “I volunteer to take polygraph test to prove my answer to this charge.”

His offer was rejected, and the prison’s hearing officer wrote, “The action/behavior on the part of any inmate to engage in a sexual act interferes with the orderly running of the institution.”

Bulger, who is serving a life sentence for participating in 11 murders, has appealed the punishment and if successful, it will be removed from his permanent record.

Hank Brennan, Bulger’s lawyer declined to comment to The Globe regarding the incident.

Bulger says always keeps the lights on in his cell due to the lingering the effects from the CIA-funded MKUltra LSD experiment he says he participated in during the 1950s while he was in prison for bank robbery in Atlanta.

According to Bulger’s prison files, in exchange for the LSD injections, he would get a shorter prison sentence. MKUltra was funded by the CIA to develop a mind-control weapon.

“I sleep with the lights on 24 hours a day because I have psychological problems due to my being on a medical project called MKUltra,” Bulger claimed, according to the records. “Until 1979, I thought I was insane.”

Apparently, masturbation is an issue at the Federal Correctional Complex Coleman. There is a pending class action complaint brought by dozens female workers from the prison before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission because they allege that prison officials of failed to take action against some inmates who deliberately masturbated in front of the women, and then threatened them.

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