Maine Governor Endorses Trump: ‘He Could Be One Of The Greatest Presidents’

Scott Greer Contributor
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Republican Maine Governor Paul LePage officially endorsed Donald Trump for president Friday.

Following the lead of Chris Christie — the man he previously supported in the primary — LePage said during an interview on “The Howie Carr Show” that both governors agreed “we could do a lot worse” than a President Trump.

“We could have another Obama in there or Hillary Clinton, and we can’t afford that,” the governor stated.

But LePage didn’t seem to just endorse The Donald because he was a better alternative to Clinton.

“He’s the only candidate who’s showing a vision for the future,” he said. “He’s a businessman. I’m a businessman… I think he could be one of the greatest presidents if he sits down and puts together a good team.”

It may seem like a natural choice for the Maine governor to endorse the New York billionaire as both men have a reputation for being politically incorrect and unapologetic about it.

Just this year, LePage has claimed out-of-state drug dealers with names like “D-Money” are impregnating white girls in his state. He later demanded that the guillotine be used against those same drug dealers. (RELATED: Maine Governor Wants To Send Drug Dealers To The Guillotine)

And last week, LePage said the greatest threat to Maine were asylum seekers because they’re bringing AIDS and the “ziki fly” to the New England state. (RELATED: Maine Governor: Migrants Are Bringing AIDS And ‘Ziki Fly’ To State)

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