State Dept. Won’t Rule Out Completely Withholding Other Hillary Emails

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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The State Department is not ruling out the possibility that more Hillary Clinton emails will be withheld in full because they are too sensitive to release to the public.

The agency, which plans to release 1,500 pages of Clinton emails Friday afternoon, has already withheld some 22 emails because they contain “Top Secret” information. That’s on top of another 18 emails that Clinton exchanged with President Obama that the State Department will not release.

“Let’s let the process finish,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner said Friday in response to a question from Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, who asked if more emails will be kept from the public.

“We’re still reviewing some of these emails, a lot of them. We’re going to be working hard through the weekend so I don’t want to preview what may or may not happen in the final release on Monday.”

[dcquiz] Monday marks the State Department’s final release of Clinton’s emails, which began last May in response to a lawsuit filed by Vice News’ Jason Leopold. So far, more than 1,700 of those records have been retroactively deemed to contain classified information.

Herridge pressed Toner on the possible withholding of more emails, suggesting that at least two additional sensitive emails are being considered for a complete withholding.

Toner acknowledged that a review was underway.

“I’m aware that there are, in fact, still conversations taking place between the various parts of the inter agency, talking about some of the emails,” Toner said. “Those are ongoing but we hope to resolve them by Monday.”

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