Hillary Clinton Wins South Carolina Primary

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Scott Greer Contributor
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Former first lady Hillary Clinton is the winner of the Democratic South Carolina primary.

Clinton was determined to be the victor shortly after polls closed at 7 PM and won with over 73 percent of the vote, trouncing her opponent, Bernie Sanders, who received only 26 percent.

South Carolina is the third contest Clinton has won this election cycle and is the second consecutive victory after losing by a large margin to Sanders in New Hampshire on February 9.

The former secretary of state’s win in South Carolina is considered to be due to the overwhelming support she enjoys within the African-American community in comparison with Sanders. According to the exit polls, Clinton won 87 percent of the black vote, a demographic which comprised 61 percent of all primary voters. She also won the white vote with 53 percent attained among that demographic.

Clinton is slated to win at least 39 of South Carolina’s 59 delegates.