Cruz Accuses Chris Wallace Of Using Trump Oppo Research File, Sparks Fly [VIDEO]

Derek Draplin Associate Editor
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Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] on Sunday accused Fox’s Chris Wallace of using a Donald Trump opposition research file highlighting what some have described as “dirty tricks” used by Cruz’s campaign against opponents.

“Your campaign has been involved in a series of incidents that people are calling dirty tricks,” Wallace said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“In Iowa, the Cruz campaign sent out tweets saying Ben Carson was suspending his campaign. That was false,” he added. “The campaign put out flyers accusing people of voting violations. That was false. In South Carolina, a Cruz super PAC attacked Trump over the Confederate flag and your then communications director posted a link this week accusing Rubio of disrespecting the Bible. That was false.”

“Question, do you take personal responsibility — this is your campaign except for the super PAC — do you take personal responsibility for this series of incidents? What does it say about the culture of the campaign you’re running?” he asked the Texas senator.

“Chris, every accusation you raised there is incorrect,” Cruz responded. “I appreciate your reading the Donald Trump attack file on that.”

“Come on, sir. Wait a minute. Wait a minute, sir. You personally apologized to Ben Carson on a debate stage. You fired your communications director,” Wallace interjected. “Don’t say this is an oppo file on our part, sir.”

“Chris, please don’t interrupt me,” Cruz said.

“Please don’t accuse me of something I didn’t do,” Wallace responded.

Cruz then said, “Go ahead, Chris. Let me know when I’m allowed to answer.”

“Don’t accuse me of something I didn’t do,” an irritable Wallace continued. “Two of those things — you apologized for one and fired your communications director. Don’t say this is the oppo file.”

“Chris, our campaign from the beginning has been the highest level of integrity when others have engaged in personal attacks and insults, we don’t respond in kind,” Cruz said.

WATCH (Starts at 7:40):

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