Sen. Jeff Sessions Endorses Donald Trump [VIDEO]

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Alabama Sen. [crscore]Jeff Sessions[/crscore] has endorsed Donald Trump for president.

During a campaign rally Sunday in Madison, Alabama, Sessions donned a red “Make America Great Again” hat in front of a crowd of approximately 25,000 people.

Sessions is the first sitting senator to endorse Trump for president.  (RELATED: Maine Governor Endorses Trump: ‘He Could Be One Of The Greatest Presidents’)

“Sessions is widely recognized as the nation’s most highly respected official on the issue of illegal immigration,” a statement from the Trump campaign read. (RELATED: Former Arizona Gov Endorses Trump: ‘This May Be Our Last Chance’)

The Republican front-runner said, “I am deeply honored to have the endorsement of Senator Jeff Sessions, leader of congressional conservatives. He has been called the Senate’s indispensable man and the gold standard. He led the fight against the Gang of Eight, against Obama’s trade deal, against Obama’s judges, and for American sovereignty. He has stood up to special interests as few have. There is no more respected man in Congress and we are closely aligned on many issues, including trade and illegal immigration, and I am proud to consider Jeff Sessions an advisor, friend and ally.”

Sessions added in the statement, “I am thrilled today to offer my endorsement of Donald J. Trump for President. This election is our last chance to save U.S. sovereignty and to end the domination of the political establishment over the interests of working Americans. Trump alone has rejected the donor class, defending America’s jobs and wages from open borders, uncontrolled immigration and the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership that will cede U.S. authority to foreign powers. Trump’s trade and immigration plans will revitalize our shrinking middle class, keeping jobs and wealth and income inside the United States of America. Trump understands that a nation must always place the interests of its own people first.”

“We are nearing fast the point of no return. The people are hurting. Their wages are declining. Their schools are overburdened. Their hospitals are stretched past the breaking point. Crime is up, and community confidence is down. Americans of all backgrounds and ethnicities, immigrant and US-born, are crying out for leadership that puts their needs first, that takes care of those living and dreaming here today, leadership that understands that there is no constituency other than the American constituency. Mr. Trump is that leader,” Sessions said.

“We are witnessing an incredible movement, arising from the people,” Sessions argued. “The events of history have aligned to give the people this fleeting chance to bust up the oligarchy – to take back control from the ‘Masters of the Universe’ return it to the good and decent and patriotic citizens of the United States.”

Earlier Sunday, Trump was also endorsed by Mark “OZ” Geist and John “TIG” Tiegen, two of the Americans who defended the U.S. consulate and the CIA compound in Benghazi.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Maine Gov. Paul LePage, and former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer have all endorsed Trump within the last week. (RELATED: Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump [VIDEO])

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