Ben Stein: Trump Is George Wallace ‘Without Being A Racist’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Actor, economist and former Richard Nixon speech writer Ben Stein says Donald Trump is the “George Wallace of our era without being a racist.”

In an interview with “CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin” on Monday, Stein argued Trump “is going to be a figure to be reckoned with. I’m not even sure Hillary can beat him. He is the voice of the unspoken, unwashed voice of the people coming down from the hills and hollers and they are very, very angry.”

Referring to the large number of protesters ejected from Trump’s campaign rally in Radford, Virginia Monday, Stein said, “These demonstrators today have confirmed that Trump will win. These demonstrators — if Trump had paid each of them $1,000, they couldn’t have done for more him than what they’ve done today.” (RELATED: Law Enforcement, Reporter Fight At Trump Rally [VIDEO])

Baldwin replied, “If [Trump] is the nominee, what do you think it means for the Republican party in, say, four years?”

“Terrifying. Terrifying. Very, very upsetting. But the party has declined culturally,” Stein claimed. “The party has gotten to be not the party that it used to be. I’ll still support it of course. But it will be a disaster. I’m very scared of Mr. Trump. I’m terrified of him.”

Regarding the massive voter turnout on the Republican side, Stein said “it’s massive and [Trump] is a real cult figure. He is the George Wallace of our era without being a racist. He is the voice of the ordinary citizen standing in line at the Walmart.”

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