Erin Andrews Breaks Down On The Stand: ‘Everyone’ Has Seen Me Naked

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Erin Andrews broke down in court on Tuesday while she was talking about the aftermath of “everyone” seeing a naked video of her.

Erin Andrews nude peephole video

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The 37-year-old sportscaster was in tears when she took the stand for her lawsuit against the Nashville hotel where a man recorded her while she was changing. (RELATED: Erin Andrews’s Lawsuit Against Hotel Where Peeping Tom Recorded Her Begins)

“I’ll always need treatment for this,” Andrews told the jurors. “There will always be a reminder every single day. It’s really sad because I was remembering yesterday about the tweets I still get, the still images, the nasty comments people make.”

Erin Andrews nude video

(Photo: TMZ livestream screen grab)

In 2008, Michael David Barrett booked the hotel room next to Andrews and filmed her while she was changing. Barrett later tried to sell the footage and was eventually sentenced to 30 months in jail after pleading guilty in 2010.

“I think about it every day,” she said. “One of the worst thoughts I have is, ‘My god, everyone in this stadium has seen that video.'” (RELATED: Erin Andrews Says Nude Peephole Video ‘Ripped Her Apart’)

Photos of Erin Andrews

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Andrews said she’s now “obsessive” about checking the Internet.

“I have to stand up for myself. This could happen to anyone. I want the Nashville Marriott to be held responsible.”

Watch a livestream of Andrews’s testimony here. (RELATED: Erin Andrews Is ‘Depressed, Scared And Full Of Anxiety,’ Dad Says)