Garret Sparks Makes Insane Save Against Tampa Bay [VIDEO]

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Garret Sparks had one of the best saves of the season after he robbed Valtteri Flippula of the Tampa Bay Lightning Monday night.

The Lightning were shelling the Leafs’ net when Flippula got the rebound with a wide open look at the net. The Finnish-born forward shot what should have been an easy goal, but Sparks dived over and protected the net by barely knocking the puck away with his stick. (SLIDESHOW: This NHL Player’s Girlfriend Is A Sexy Model Almost Too Hot To Handle)


That is without a doubt one of the best saves in the NHL this season. (VIDEO: Florida Panthers Goalie Al Montoya Gets Absolutely Crushed)

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