Super Tuesday 2016 Democratic Results…Hillary Wins 7 States; Bernie Picks Up 4

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Hillary Clinton won primaries in seven states as well the caucuses in American Samoa in what proved to be a strong Super Tuesday showing for the front-runner.

Bernie Sanders carried four states — Oklahoma, Colorado, Minnesota and his home state of Vermont — while Clinton cruised to victory in generally more populous ones — TexasVirginia, Georgia, Alabama, TennesseeArkansas and Massachusetts.

Her most significant win came in the Lone Star State, which has 222 of the 865 delegates that were on the table Tuesday.

Virginia and Georgia, which saw polls close at 7 p.m., carries 95 and 102 delegates, respectively.

Alabama and Tennessee, which closed at 8 p.m., have 53 and 67 delegates, respectively. American Samoa, a U.S. territory which holds caucuses, has only six delegates.

Arkansas, which closed at 8:30 p.m., has 32 delegates.

Clinton’s win in Massachusetts will bring her a majority of that state’s 91 delegates.

Vermont and Oklahoma, where Sanders bested Clinton, have 16 and 38 delegates, respectively. Colorado and Minnesota, which held caucuses, have 66 and 77 delegates, respectively.

Clinton began the night with what looked to be a runaway victory. But Sanders surged at the end with the wins in Colorado and Minnesota, where polls recently showed Clinton with a sizable lead.

But the wins in bigger states puts Clinton that much closer to reaching the 2,383 delegate threshold required to win the party’s nomination. Heading into the night, Clinton had 91 delegates to Sanders’ 65. Clinton also has the support of 468 elected Democratic officials and party elders known as superdelegates. Sanders only has 21 of those.

Clinton rode a wave of momentum into Super Tuesday after winning the South Carolina primary by 48 points over Sanders. She was expected to win there, largely due to its large African-American population, but not by such a significant margin. That victory sapped momentum from the Sanders campaign after a 20-plus point win in the New Hampshire primary earlier this month.

Sanders jumped on his success in Vermont in a speech to supporters shortly after polls closed there. He sought to encourage them by pointing out that however the rest of the primaries and caucuses shake out, the campaign will still pick up “hundreds” of delegates.

In her speech, Clinton took aim at Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

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