Limbaugh: Best Chance To Beat Trump Is To ‘Unify Behind Cruz’ [AUDIO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Rush Limbaugh says the best way for the Republican establishment to stop Donald Trump is to “unify” behind Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore].

During Wednesday’s “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” Limbaugh said unifying behind Cruz is not going to happen though because the establishment doesn’t want “conservatism in the party.”

Limbaugh laid out three strategies the Republican establishment is “focused on” to stop Trump beginning with “Plan A: sit tight, let things go on as they are and don’t try to influence anything. Rubio sinks or swims on his own. Cruz, ditto.”

With Plan A, the establishment hopes that “Kasich gets out and Carson — non-factors — get them out as soon as they can but other than that, sit on everything and wait for Trump to implode, wait for Trump to collapse,” Limbaugh said.

“[W]hen you hear these establishment types say, ‘Well you know, Trump is underperforming, well you know, Trump’s not nearly has far ahead as everyone thought he would be. Well you know, with every one of these victories Trump is not expanding his momentum.’ Now very little of that is actually true but truth is not what any of this is about. Just like truth is very rarely about the outcome in court. This is all about perceptions, it’s all about momentum, it’s all about feelings combined with perceptions and so forth because there are still a lot of votes to happen.”

“There’s still a lot of states yet to have their primaries and so creating impressions and mindsets and that’s what strategy A is all about. And believe me, there are a lot of people in the establishment that are still in complete denial,” Limbaugh argued about Trump.

There are people in the Republican establishment that “still believe that Trump’s not going to be in Cleveland [for the convention]. They still think that something’s going to happen, either he is going to cross the threshold that even his supporters will not stick with him on or that he’s going to quit,” Limbaugh said. “Something’s going to happen and he’s going to realize he’s not going to win, he’s going to quit, or he’s got some other objective that nobody knows and at some point he’s gonna have met that objective and then quit. I mean it’s silly but that’s part and parcel of the first part of the three pronged strategy.”

Plan B according to Limbaugh is “to clear the field of everybody but” Sen. [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore]. The establishment does “not want to unify behind Cruz. That would be their smartest move. But they will not do that.”

Limbaugh continued, “Plan B is oriented around getting everybody to drop out and then the party unifying behind the guy who has won one state and did not reach the 20 percent threshold in a couple of states, meaning he didn’t get any delegates in those states last night, that would be Rubio.”

“Rubio is the desired candidate because that’s where the monied people want to go,” Limbaugh argued. “He’s closer to the establishment, this whole Gang of Eight business. Cruz is genuinely, I mean Trumpsters, you think Trump owns this outsider business, Cruz is more of an outsider than you know in terms of the way the Republican establishment disdains him, doesn’t like him, fears him, hates him. He’s so much of what they don’t want. They don’t want conservatism in the party, they don’t want evangelicals prominent in the party. They don’t want anybody talking about Judeo-Christian ethics and morality and conservatism. They’re trying to sweep that out of the party ever since Goldwater.”

Limbaugh then said the third prong of the establishment’s anti-Trump strategy is to “keep everybody in so that Trump does not accrue the minimum requirement of 1237 delegates going into Cleveland. The way that would work is, if that happens, if nobody has 1237 on the first vote, delegates are pledged and pretty much would have to vote the way everybody knows they’re going to vote because of the primary results. But after that, it’s wide open.”

[dcquiz] “At that point, it wouldn’t be brokered, brokered means that powerful people in smoke filled rooms are denying deluges the right to participate in the process. That wouldn’t be the case. There would be all kinds of horse trading going on and bickering and arguing. Trump included and if Trump, let’s say he shows up and he’s 15 or 20 delegates short, or 30 he’s going to say, ‘I can find those, I can find those, I can get those away from somebody easily,'” Limbaugh claimed.

“[T]hose are the three strategies that the GOP establishment is relying on now. And I don’t know which on ether are going to decide on, they may decide different factions of all three and more will become clear as future primaries [happen],” he concluded.

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