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David Duke Explains Why He’s Not A Racist, Trump Owes Him, And… Something About Van Jones?

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If the following gives you any cause for concern, you’re just a politically correct GOPe cuck and you need to shut up.

As you may recall, last week David Duke said some nice things about Donald Trump. Trump disavowed the endorsement, but then a couple of days later, he pretended not to know anything about Duke and what he stands for. Said he’d have to “do some research” on it. This, despite going on the record over the years condemning Duke as a bigot.

I see three possibilities here:

  1. Trump is a racist
  2. Trump assumes enough Republicans are racists that he can’t afford to alienate them
  3. Trump has Alzheimer’s and can’t remember what he’s said out loud from one moment to the next

I guess it could be some combination of the three, but it has to be at least one of those three.

How tough would it have been for Trump to say, “Of course I don’t have anything to do with the Klan! Are you crazy? Why is the media always doing this to me?” Etc. That’s how he blusters his way through any other tough question. Instead, he told a stupid, easily provable lie about not knowing anything about David Duke or the Klan, and he turned it into a whole big thing.

That’s why I suspect it was option 2 above. If you’re a Republican, Donald Trump assumes you might get ticked off if he says anything bad about the KKK. He doesn’t want to lose your vote over it. That’s what he thinks of you.

And now, Duke has just sat down for an interview with Steve Malzberg at Newsmax. It went about as well as you’d expect.

“Right after this came out, he jumped 10 points in the polls.” What, no Thank You card, Donald?

Kudos to Duke’s plastic surgeon, although it would’ve been funnier if he’d played a mischievous prank and turned Duke into a black guy.

Do I think Donald Trump is going to burn crosses on the White House lawn? No. (I mean, probably not. Well, who knows? He’s out of his f#@*ing mind. He might do it just to troll everybody.) But even if he’s not a racist, it sure looks like he thinks you are.

How do you feel about that, Republicans?

(Hat tip: Josh Feldman)