Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Should Be ‘Terrified’ IT Guy Was Given Immunity [VIDEO]

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Judge Andrew Napolitano says Hillary Clinton “should be terrified” her IT technician, Bryan Pagliano, was granted immunity by a federal judge.

In an interview on Fox Business’ “Varney & Co” on Thursday, Napolitano said that because Pagliano was granted immunity, the Justice Department is “going to seek indictment” of either Clinton or one of her subordinates. (RELATED: Justice Department Grants Immunity To Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Technician)

Host Stuart Varney began by asking Napolitano, “[T]he guy gets immunity. There is… a grand jury has been empaneled and is hearing evidence, surly Hillary should be worried about this?”

“Hillary should be terrified and I’ll tell you why,” Napolitano said. If Clinton gave Pagliano her “personal Secretary of State password” then “we have an indictment for misconduct in office as well as espionage.”

Clinton “should be terrified of the fact that he’s been granted immunity. Now, what does granted immunity mean? Only a federal judge can grant immunity. A federal judge will only grant immunity if a sitting jury is ready to hear testimony from the immunized person. So we know a couple of things. We know the recommendation we were waiting for from the FBI to the Justice Department has already made its way from the FBI to the Justice Department.”

“We know FBI agents and Justice Department prosecutors are working in tandem,” Napolitano added. “We know that they went through this lengthy process of interviewing Mr. Pagliano and finding out what he knows and deciding it’s so valuable they need him to say it to a grand jury and the only way he can say it to a grand jury is if they promise not prosecute him and hence he gets immunity and we also know they’re going to seek indictment because they would not be immunizing him and thereby inducing him to spill his guts, unless they wanted to indict someone. And we don’t know who it is. There’s four or five people in between Pagliano and Hillary Clinton.”

Napolitano was then asked about the statement from Clinton campaign spokesman Bran Fallon that said, Clinton has “encouraged everyone to cooperate because we want to make every good-faith effort to be transparent and answer any questions people have. With Mr. Pagliano, we encouraged him as well because we don’t think he has any reason to not be transparent about the help that he provided from an IT perspective, but unfortunately, it is his choice what to do.”

Napolitano insisted, “They are out of their minds. That is a response written by their political people and not by their legal people. Mr. Pagliano is their nightmare.”

Later Napolitano said the federal prosecutors handling the case “went to a federal judge and persuaded a federal judge [Pagliano] should get immunity.” Pagliano “cannot be prosecuted with his own words being used against him unless he lies before the grand jury, which is a different story altogether.” (RELATED: State Dept. Releases Personnel File For Hillary’s Private Server Technician)


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