Romney Would ‘Absolutely’ Support Ted Cruz Over Donald Trump [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Mitt Romney says he would “absolutely” support Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore], Sen. [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore], or Gov. John Kasich in a race versus Donald Trump.

In an interview Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press” with Chuck Todd, Romney said that regarding Cruz, Rubio, or Kasich, “There’s some differences on policy or on tactics to implement policy, but I’d be very proud having any one of them at the top of the ticket.” (RELATED: Super Saturday 2016 Republican Results: Cruz Has A Big Night, Trump Still Leads In Delegates)

Todd began the interview asking Romney if his speech, which denounced Trump, had “an impact” on Super Saturday, and Romney said, “Oh, I think it had a big impact. I think a lot of people were surprised by how well Ted Cruz did. He got more delegates than Donald Trump last night. He was ebullient and enthusiastic, Donald Trump was uncharacteristically low energy last night.” (VIDEO: Watch Mitt Romney Slam Donald Trump In Speech)

“I think [Trump] was really surprised. This is a campaign that doesn’t begin to be over. It’s broken all the rules of history so far and I have a feeling it’s going it break a few more rules before we finish,” Romney said. (RELATED: Romney: Vote For ‘Whoever Has The Best Chance To Beat Trump In A Given State’ [VIDEO])

Todd followed up, “So with Ted Cruz, do you believe he’s emerged as the chief anti-Trump candidate and are you ready to back him?”

“Well, I think he’s emerging right now. He obviously had a very strong night. Won seven states to Donald’s ten states and yet I wouldn’t write off Marco Rubio or John Kasich at this point,” Romney said. “Marco Rubio, very strong in Florida. More recent polls there have him within a few points of Donald Trump. And John Kasich leading in Ohio. So they may be favorite son candidates or they may emerge down the road being a very strong candidate on their own.”

Todd then asked Romney if he would endorse anyone after the second Super Tuesday on March 15 and Romney said, “I may well at that point. It depends of course on what happens that night, but, you know, I’m leaning towards supporting someone and going out on the campaign trail and try to convince people to vote for the person who I think can help the country in a very critical time. And who also can represent conservative values and conservative ideals. A real deal Republican, if you will.”

“Let me confirm, are you comfortable supporting John Kasich, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz? Any one of those three candidates against Donald Trump,” Todd asked.

“Absolutely. Any one of those three is a real Republican. They’ve demonstrated over time that they share conservative values. There’s some differences on policy or on tactics to implement policy, but I’d be very proud having any one of them at the top of the ticket. Donald Trump on the other hand is someone who represents something entirely different. And in my view, is not at all the real deal. This is a guy who pretends to be one thing and is something else entirely.”

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