NFL Running Back Tased, Arrested In Florida [VIDEO]

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Florida police tased Los Angeles Rams running back Tre Mason after he refused to cooperate during a traffic stop on Saturday.

According to ESPN, Mason refused to provide personal identification after being pulled over going 70 mph in a 35 mph zone.

Officer Lester Cochenour said he “smelled marijuana in Mason’s Porsche” and “warned the defendant if he did not identify himself he would be subject to arrest and he smirked as he was making eye contact.”

After Officer Cochenour placed Mason under arrest, the former Auburn star braced himself in the car and showed “great resistance” when additional officers tried to remove him.

“The defendant was warned several times in a composed voice to stop resisting, exit the vehicle and if he did not comply with arrest, a Taser would be used,” Cochenour wrote in his report.

Mason earned the Rams’ starting job after being selected in the third round of the 2014 draft.

He totaled 765 yards and four touchdowns during his rookie campaign but was supplanted by former UGA back Todd Gurley in 2015.

The Rams addressed Mason’s arrest in a Sunday statement:

We are very disappointed to learn of an incident involving Tre Mason in the Miami, Fla., area Saturday afternoon. We are in the process of obtaining more information about the facts surrounding this incident and will have no further comment at this time.


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