CNN’s Van Jones Slams Trump’s Press Conference As A ‘Freak Show’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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CNN liberal commentator Van Jones says Donald Trump’s victory press conference was a “freak show infomercial.”

After CNN’s coverage of Trump’s press conference, where the billionaire showed off Trump Water, Trump Wine, Trump Steaks, and Trump Magazine, Jones said, “We do have some traditions in this country that are worth upholding and one of them would be not turning your campaign victory speech into an infomercial.”

Jones said, “I have to comment, though on that freak show infomercial. That is inappropriate. It is inappropriate to run an election, to run a campaign, to have people going to vote in these large numbers, voting for their jobs, voting for their families and to be talking about Trump Steak and — that is the kind of stuff that I think ultimately will wear badly.”

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod added, “It’s true when candidates speak, generally they say the stakes are great, they’re not talking about their own product. They’re talking about [the election.] People tuned in there and probably thought they were tuning into the home shopping network.”

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