General Patton’s Grandson: ‘Mr. Trump, You Are No Patton’

Alex Pappas | Political Reporter

The grandson of General George Patton is endorsing [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore] in the presidential race while attacking Donald Trump for being nothing like his grandfather.

“Donald Trump says we need to ‘bring back Patton,’ but I can say with certainty: Mr. Trump, you are no Patton,” said George Patton “Pat” Waters in a statement released by the Rubio campaign.

“It’s true that my grandfather was known for his controversial statements and aggressive leadership, but he was also known for his honor and toil for a righteous cause,” Waters said. “He put his men and mission above himself every time.”

Waters, who served in the United States Navy, said: “Donald Trump is driven only by his own self-interest. He has no north star on matters of foreign policy. He is neutral when it comes to Israel, America’s greatest ally, and friendly toward Vladimir Putin.”

“My grandfather was a fighter, and he would have been proud of Marco Rubio’s fight against Donald Trump,” he said. “When Marco gets hit, he hits back. My grandfather once said, ‘We got through on good old American guts.’ That will be the story of Marco Rubio after he wins here in Florida. I am proud to support him as he makes a stand for America’s future.”

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