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Now Andy Wachowski Can Join The Ghostbusters

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Yesterday, if I had referred to Andy Wachowski as “her,” it would’ve been transphobic. Today, if I don’t, that’s transphobic. Isn’t this fun?

Kaitlan Collins reports:

One of the two men who directed “The Matrix” announced Tuesday that he has transitioned into a woman and changed his name to Lilly…

In 2012, Wachowski’s brother announced he was also transitioning into a woman and would now go by Lana.

Well, at least we don’t have to call them “the Wachowski Siblings” anymore…

Hey, it’s their money. If they want to buy wigs and legally change their names and take hormones and the rest of it, they’re free to do so. But they’re still dudes, dude, and I won’t be forced to say something that I know isn’t true. The Wachowski Brothers are not and never will be women. Like Ben Shapiro says: Facts don’t care about your feelings.

We’re told that women in Hollywood are second-class citizens. We’re supposed to be outraged that there aren’t enough good roles for them, and that they get paid less than men. That’s why we’re now getting a literally dickless Ghostbusters. Girl power!

Yet the word “woman” itself has now lost all meaning. You can become one just by declaring it to be so. These days, a guy named Glen can sue for the right to use women’s changing rooms because he changed his name to Glenda. And if the actual women whose privacy he’s violating don’t like it? Too bad. It’s complete madness.

But let’s assume for a moment, SJWs, that you actually mean what you’re saying. Here’s a hypothetical: Let’s say David Duchovny justifies making twice as much as Gillian Anderson because it’s based on merit, since they’re both actually women. He’s a woman because he says he’s a woman, and anybody who disagrees is transphobic.

Who are you to tell him he’s wrong? I mean, have you seen him in a skirt?

Look, guys gals guys & gals conscious entities, either the very concept of gender has value or it doesn’t. Either we’re all expected to applaud the new Lady Ghostbusters because that’s social justice, or we’re all required to agree that a burly dude from Chicago should now be called Lilly just because he says so. Maybe you can square that circle, but I can’t. It’s one or the other. Make up your minds.