Mark Levin Endorses Ted Cruz [VIDEO]

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Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin endorsed Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] for president Wednesday, arguing that for conservatives, it is a “simple decision.”

“I support Ted Cruz for president of the United States because … he appreciate, he embraces, he understands, and he has fought for … the Constitution, the Republic, individual sovereignty, separation of powers, the Bill of Rights, family, faith, a secure border, our national security,” Levin said on LevinTV.

“Nobody is perfect,” the host acknowledged. “It’s not that we seek perfection, or that we look for nitpicking ways to oppose somebody. No, you look at the whole picture, you take the whole life of the individual, you look at their entire career over a period of time. And when you do that, it really is a simple decision is it no? If you are a conservative, if you’re a constitutionalist, if you’ve been a tea party activism, if you’re a Reaganite or a Reagan Democrat, it really is in the end a simple decision, at least it is for me.”

“My support for Ted Cruz isn’t because of opposition to Donald Trump per se, isn’t because of opposition to Rubio per se or Kasich per se,” Levin claimed. “My support for Ted Cruz is because I honestly believe this is a man who understands where this country has been and where it needs to go.”

“We have said so many times, this is the kind of nominee we must have. Well, it doesn’t just happen. You have to vote for him. That’s how he becomes the nominee of the Republican Party,” Levin said.

“Let me suggest if he gets the nomination, he will be elected president of the United States, because if you just think about it in your mind’s eye, there on the stage, Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz, I think he’d wipe the floor with her,” Levin insisted. “Not because he’s the most handsome candidate ever. No, because he’s one of the smartest candidates ever. And he knows how to run and he knows how to speak and I believe with your help, he knows how to win.”

Fellow conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck has also endorsed Cruz for president. (RELATED: Glenn Beck Officially Endorses Ted Cruz)

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