Napolitano: Hillary’s ‘Natural Inclination Is Not To Tell The Truth’ [VIDEO]


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Judge Andrew Napolitano insisted Thursday that Hillary Clinton’s “natural inclination is not to tell the truth” about her email and private server issues.

Appearing on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” Napolitano said, “If she believes that this will go away, that belief is a false belief. The FBI agents who are investigating her constitute the same team that investigated General Petraeus, who they believe got off very easily. The evidence that they have amassed against her is a quantum leap more than what they had against General Petraeus. This is not going to go away no matter how she may hope or wish that it will.” (VIDEO: Hillary Gets Mad When Asked If She’ll Quit Race If She’s Indicted)

Host Bill Hemmer asked Napolitano to explain the legal distinction between Clinton’s private email server and her emails with classified information.

Clinton’s predecessors Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice “did not have servers in their own homes,” Napolitano replied. “The secretary of state has two email streams: a regular email stream and a secret email stream. Mrs. Clinton hired, at her own expense an information technologist to divert both email streams to the home server. Secretary Powell and Secretary Rice did nothing of the sort. You’re really comparing apples and oranges here.” (VIDEO: Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Should Be ‘Terrified’ IT Guy Was Given Immunity)

Later, referencing the Wednesday night’s Democratic debate on Univision, Napolitano said, “In one of her answers, Bill she revealed inadvertently I think to the FBI, which watches her debates, a proclivity to mislead because she said to Mr. Ramos just as she has been saying for a year now, ‘I neither sent nor received any email that was marked classified.'”

“We know and the FBI knows and she knows that nothing is marked classified. And yet she continues to mislead the questioner, thereby sending if you will, a dog whistle to the FBI,” Napolitano insisted. “Her natural inclination is not to tell the truth.”

Napolitano argued that when Clinton says, “I didn’t need permission,” Clinton is “revealing an ignorance of the law. Now we’re not talking about national security law. Now we’re talking about who owns the emails of a government worker.”

“The answer, the government does, and so when your emails are demanded, you can’t hold back and say ‘these are mine, these are yours.’ The government decides which are government and which are private,” Napolitano said.


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