America’s Oldest Catholic University Elects Its First Muslim Student Government President

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Students at Georgetown University have chosen a Muslim student as the president of the school’s student government.

The new president, Enushe Khan, is the first Muslim student to serve in the position, reports The Hoya, Georgetown’s main student newspaper.

Khan, currently, a junior, is a seasoned student council member at Georgetown, America’s oldest Catholic college — and the nation’s premiere Jesuit college.

She first ran for the student senate after deciding that the school didn’t serve enough halal food — food permissible under Islamic law — on campus.

“Food was a big issue, and that was sort of affecting my health,” Khan told The Hoya. “That was a common trend with other Muslim students as well.”

Khan is a member of the Muslim Student Association and served as the group’s chair of Interfaith and Service for five semesters. Her goal in that role was to better integrate the Muslim student group with other religious groups on campus, she said.

Georgetown’s Muslim chaplain, Yahya Hendi, praised Khan’s impending student council presidency as an advancement for humankind.

“You have students from all over the world who came together to elect someone for the betterment of the community on the basis of what she can do, not on the basis of her gender, religion or ethnic background,” Hendi told The Hoya. “And that’s what we need worldwide.”

On her Facebook page, Khan gushes that she met “the amazing Nancy Pelosi” at a reception earlier this month. Khan describes Pelosi as “incredibly warm” and notes that the pair held hands.

Khan’s impressive array of Facebook likes includes United Feminists, Georgetown Latinx Leadership Forum, GU Queer People of Color, Hillary Clinton (twice), Melissa Etheridge, Mazzy Star, Def Leppard, Vampire Weekend and Deep Purple.

Georgetown is most famous, of course, because an administrator, Lauren Gagliardi, hilariously failed to pressure an off-campus group to edit a lecture posted on YouTube because parts of the video show militant feminist student protestors and other students. (RELATED: Off-Campus Conservative Women’s Group Under Censorship Pressure From Georgetown U.)

The outside group, the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, had invited Christina Hoff Sommers, a resident American Enterprise Institute scholar, to give a lecture entitled “What’s Right (and Badly Wrong) with Feminism?”

The handful of militant campus feminists demanded a “safe space” and “trigger warnings” prior to the speech by Sommers, another feminist. (RELATED: Militant Georgetown Feminists Demand ‘SAFE SPACE’ Because Of Scary 5’5″, 130-Lb. Woman)

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