Feminist Icon: I Was Wrong About Trump

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Noted feminist scholar Camille Paglia wrote in a Thursday column for Salon that Donald Trump is beginning to look “more and more like a president.”

“Along with most media pundits in the Northeast, I found it improbable if not impossible that Trump could survive his klutz-o-rama cascade of foot-in-mouth flubs,” she explained. “But only a few weeks after that interview of mine in Salon, I suddenly realized that Trump’s candidacy had a broad support that few had expected or discerned.” (RELATED: Paglia Rips Hillary’s Use Of ‘Blame Men First’ Feminism)

Paglia continues that she has noticed “a popular uprising and furious pushback against the major media and political elites” among Trump supporters, citing viral video stars “Diamonds and Silk.”


“If Trump wins the White House, that no-holds-barred video will go down in history as ‘the shot heard round the world,'” she added. “This fiery endorsement blew me away because it demonstrated how Trump was directly engaging with a diverse coalition in ways that the mainstream media had completely missed… Primary voters nationwide are clearly responding to Trump’s brand of classic can-do American moxie.” (RELATED: Paglia — Clinton Has Accomplished Nothing In Life)

Finally, Paglia noted that — as a self-described Bernie Sanders supporter — Trump “is a far more palatable national figure than Ted Cruz, whose unctuous, vainglorious professions of Christian piety don’t pass the smell test.”

You can read the entire column over at Salon.

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